Our Story

‘Kyirmu’ a Sherpa word – translated to English which means Happiness, Pleasure, Ease, Joy and Bliss, all of which we stand for and reflect in our service to all our patrons.

Since 2018



The creation

Our journey began with a simple idea from our mother: to create a haven for elderly tourists seeking a vacation home. Over time, this concept blossomed into Kyirmu Lodge—a warm and inviting refuge for all travelers. We’ve embraced the rich Sherpa culture of the Everest region and infused it into our lodge, offering organic and authentic cuisine that celebrates the diverse flavors of our culture. Our mission is to extend beyond the ordinary, spreading joy through the art of food.


The takeover

As fate would have it, our initial plan to create a chain of Kyirmu Lodges along the timeless trails of Everest was put on hold. Instead, we embraced the opportunity to take sole stewardship of Kyirmu Lodge in Phaplu, honoring our mother’s vision. In 2019, we opened our doors to welcome guests, and the response was heartwarming. Kyirmu Lodge became not just a place to stay, but a cherished family-run retreat.


It's a family affair

In 2020, as the world faced unprecedented challenges with the onset of the pandemic, Kyirmu Lodge stood resilient. Like many, we navigated through uncertain times, adapting to a new reality. Yet, our commitment to providing a warm and welcoming haven remained unwavering. In the face of adversity, our family came together to ensure the legacy of Kyirmu Lodge continued. We’re proud to say that even during these trying times, our lodge remained a place where guests could find solace and a taste of the Sherpa culture. Now more than ever, Kyirmu Lodge is not just a business; it’s a family affair, a labor of love, and a testament to our enduring dedication to hospitality.

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